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2012-2017 University Goals and Initiatives

Texas State University

2012-2017 University Goals and Initiatives

 Goal 1: Promote academic quality by building and supporting a distinguished faculty.

  1. 1.1     Increase average full-time faculty salaries at all ranks.
  2. 1.2     Increase number of full-time faculty.
  3. 1.3     Attract and retain highly competent faculty by providing annual merit increases based on performance.
  4. 1.4     Provide a university infrastructure (including equipment and facilities) to support teaching, research, and scholarly and creative activity.
  5. 1.5     Offer academic programs that are nationally and internationally competitive.
  6. 1.6     Strengthen research and scholarly/creative activity efforts through achieving increases in grant expenditures and increasing collaboration across disciplines.
  7. 1.7     Provide reasonable start-up funds in order to attract and retain distinguished faculty and to provide the essential equipment to conduct research and attract external grants.
  8. 1.8     Support faculty efforts in international research.
  9. 1.9     Maintain Emerging Research University status and pursue the Texas Research Incentive Program (TRIP).


Goal 2: Provide opportunities for a public university education and contribute to economic and cultural development.

  1. 2.1     Move forward on the Closing the Gaps goals of participation, success, excellence, and research.
  2. 2.2     Continue engagement in the economic and cultural development of the region.
  3. 2.3     Increase student scholarships and graduate student financial support in an effort to improve recruitment and retention of high achieving students.
  4. 2.4     Internationalize the curriculum.
  5. 2.5     Support faculty and students in pursuing global academic experiences, e.g. study abroad, internships, field placement, research, service learning.
  6. 2.6     Maintain a vigorous, targeted recruitment and marketing campaign.
  7. 2.7     Recognize the role of moving to the FBS in developing the image of the university and enhancing economic and cultural development.
  8. 2.8     Enhance and support distance learning and Friday/Saturday course delivery.


Goal 3: Provide a premier student-centered, educational experience that fosters retention and success.

  1. 3.1     Increase student retention through collaborative programs across the university.
  2. 3.2     Enhance quality and consistency of academic advising services.
  3. 3.3     Develop an Honors College to better attract and engage high achieving students.
  4. 3.4     Recognize and support intercollegiate athletics and the arts as vehicles to promote a well-rounded collegiate experience for all students.
  5. 3.5     Refine student learning outcomes and appropriate assessment measures within each academic program and general education curriculum to ensure program improvement and provide evidence of student success.
  6. 3.6     Refine administrative and educational support, research, and public service outcomes and appropriate assessment measures within identified departments to ensure improvement and provide evidence of success.
  7. 3.7     Recognize the importance of academic and administrative program review processes to facilitate program improvement in support of the University mission.
  8. 3.8     Foster an environment that cultivates students to become successful, engaged alumni.
  9. 3.9     Broaden efforts to facilitate successful transition of students to the workplace and graduate/professional education.
  10. 3.10   Continue faculty and student information literacy initiatives that support achievement of student learning outcomes.
  11. 3.11    Implement Personalized Academic and Career Exploration (PACE) to foster retention and success.


Goal 4: Enrich our learning and working environment by attracting and supporting a more diverse faculty, staff, and student body.

  1. 4.1     Attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff.
  2. 4.2     Remain a Hispanic Service Institution and emphasizes retention and graduation.
  3. 4.3     Enhance recruitment, retention, and support programs for all racial, ethnic, and international groups.
  4. 4.4     Expand efforts to promote diversity and inclusion among all faculty, staff, and students.
  5. 4.5     Seek historically underutilized business suppliers.


Goal 5: Develop and manage human, financial, physical, and technological resources effectively, efficiently, and ethically to support the university's mission.

  1. 5.1     Increase average full-time staff salaries at all ranks.
  2. 5.2     Increase number of full-time staff.
  3. 5.3     Attract and retain highly competent staff by providing annual merit increases based on performance.
  4. 5.4     Maintain a physical setting that presents Texas State as a premier institution.
  5. 5.5     Implement the Campus Master Plan update for 2012-2017 to ensure it meets the needs of the University.
  6. 5.6     Expand and support professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.
  7. 5.7     Continue support for structured, standards-driven web course development and programs that enable faculty to appropriately integrate technology into the teaching-learning process.
  8. 5.8     Reduce deferred maintenance in existing facilities.
  9. 5.9     Improve processes outlines in SACS Principles of Accreditation to ensure ongoing compliance with standards, while continuously improving overall educational quality.
  10. 5.10    Maintain coordinated assessment processes that assist university stakeholders in multiple assessment activities, including strategic planning, student learning and success, and program excellence.
  11. 5.11    Effectively utilize alumni and external constituents to influence and generate human and financial capital opportunities.
  12. 5.12    Assess the needs and opportunities to refine Alkek Library utilization to improve support for the achievement of faculty and student instructional and research outcomes.
  13. 5.13    Ensure regulatory compliance, environmentally responsible practices and the efficient use of energy and water resources.
  14. 5.14    Leverage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other technology investments to continually improve campus business and instructional support activities.
  15. 5.15    Complete the Pride and Action campaign plan to achieve the goal.
  16. 5.16    Promote a safe and secure environment.


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