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University Extended Plan through 2012

August 13, 2008
Dear Colleagues:

               In the four years that have passed since Texas State adopted the 2004-2009 University Plan, the University has accomplished many intended outcomes to achieve progress on the six goals contained in our original plan.  Each year stakeholders in academic and administrative departments throughout the university provide updates linking directly to our university goals.  Through this effort, we are able to provide internal and external stakeholders with an annual progress report on university goal attainment.  In addition to this effort, colleges and administrative divisions update individual plans to show progress on important goals not reflected specifically in the University Plan goals.

                 Because extensive progress had been made on the 2004-2009 University Plan, in Spring 2007, the university community was invited to participate in a campus wide discussion regarding the extension of the University Plan through 2012.  At that time all academic deans, vice presidents, the director of athletics, and the provost presented ideas in open forums for the 2012 extension.  Division recommendations for changes to the plan were based on the “top-down bottom-up” process used to create the 2004-2009 plan. As indicated in the Institutional Effectiveness Calendar, open forum presentations represented ideas from discussions held in departments across campus in Fall 2006.

                 In July, 2007, the President’s Cabinet held a retreat to finalize recommendations for the extension of the University Plan through 2012. Many intended outcomes from the 2004-2009 University Plan remain in the extended plan, some of which have been modified to reflect progress made through 2007. Completed intended outcomes were removed from the extended plan.  In addition, college and administrative divisions reviewed their 2004-2009 plans to delete intended outcomes that had been accomplished and add new intended outcomes and goals to be accomplished through 2012.

 In the original 2004-2009 University Plan, the Athletics Plan was part of the Division of Student Affairs Plan. After the Director of Athletics began reporting directly to me and became a member of the President’s Cabinet, the Department of Athletics implemented an extensive and inclusive review of its plan to create a separate plan that is now contained in the division section of the University Plan. The Sponsored Programs/Research Plan, the Extended Learning Plan, and the Diversity Plan are contained in the extended University Plan.

                We are proud of the 2004-2009 University Plan summary of progress made on goals and intended outcomes through 2007, as well as the goals and intended outcomes that will go forward through the 2012 extended plan. We invite you to review our original plan and follow links throughout the extended plan that highlight the progress we have made.

               I want to thank the many faculty and staff across our campus who have helped us achieve so many goals in the 2004-2009 plan and who have helped us revise this plan. Let me also thank our students, parents, and other stakeholders who have contributed in other ways to the success of Texas State.

Denise M. Trauth